Fish, KOI, Saltwater, FreshwaterHow do we pack our corals?

Corals are packed in either plastic containers with screw on lids or triple layer plastic bags depending on the coral. Inside the container, the plugs will be placed into plastic cups to prevent them from moving around. We will use packing nuts and foam inside the box to further ensure that your order doesn’t move. Also depending on the temperature of the destination, we will use ice or heat packs. All corals will also be labeled.

More shipping information found here.

How do I order just one polyp or a fresh cut of a coral?

Contact Us for individual polyp or fresh cut corals. Well will respond back on availability and price as soon as possible.

How do I receive free shipping?

All orders $300.00 and over receive free shipping.

How are prices determined?

Prices are determined by availability and demand of polyps. Our wysiwyg pieces are cut and fully healed before we take the picture. All wysiwyg pictures are not a representative picture but is a photo of the actual product you are buying.